Health, Safety, Environnement & Quality Policies

SMP is a well-recognized Drilling and Workover Contractor in the oil and gas industry. SMP’s goal is to continually improve the quality of services while paying a special attention to people and the environment.

SMP HSEQ Management System is certified OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and MASE.

Through the Seven core principles, SMP Line Management describes the role and responsibility of everyone in striving for a health and safe working environment.

  • PRINCIPLE 1:   HSEQ as a Paramount

In each circumstances and in all countries, we shall adopt the similar highest standards of health, safety, environmental and quality and therefore. We undertake to comply with legal and other requirements. We consider on the top of our priorities preserving the physical and moral integrity of our employees & sub’contractors, the safety of our operations, the environmental protection, ascertaining our client’s satisfaction and answering promptly to our stakeholder’s concerns.

  •  PRINCIPLE 2: HSEQ roles and responsibilities at each levels

We shall enforce at each level of our hierarchy a management lead by example and committed to HSE and Qualities Issues. Each employee and subcontractor must be aware of its personal responsibility regarding accident prevention infringement to health or damage to the environment in relation with its activities.

  •  PRINCIPLE 3: Operation control through risk assessment

We shall implement on all our rigs a methodological approach intended to deliver Excellency by a strong implication in preparing and reviewing our operations; i.e.:

- Upstream:  through specific procedures of work, risk analysis work permit system and pre job meetings.
- While the pre job-meetings: reminding to each their role and responsibility in terms of HSEQ.
- In between the operations progress:  check as necessary   if the message is not applied or well understood.
  Downstream:  through debriefing (REX) to improve specific working procedures, risk analysis and the quality of our delivered. 

  •  PRINCIPLE 4: Accident/ pollution prevention and control

In case an accident or High Potential Incident (HiPo) occurs, under 24 hours we shall notify our customers and local authorities and under 36 hours perform a methodical incident investigation for determining the direct / indirect root causes analysis then defining the preventive & corrective actions.

We are committed to preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental impacts and risks generated by our actions for nature and for third parties.

  • PRINCIPLE 5: Continuous improvement

Our HSEQ management system shall be periodically assessed trough regular control:  safety tour, management tour, and inspection and HSEQ internal /external audit; recorded indicators shall be compared with the defined performance objectives and progress shall be assessed through a coordinated action plan.

  • PRINCIPLE 6: Competences assessment and training

We shall systematically assess and develop employees’ and subcontractor’s competences in order for them to be accountable for their HSEQ performance, at each level in the hierarchy and in every geographical area.

  • PRINCIPLE 7: Transparency and dialogue

At any time, we shall maintain a constructive attitude made of transparency and dialogue vis a vis customer, subcontractors and shareholders and stakeholders and aim at contributing actively to the Code of Business Ethics, part of our Corporate Sustainable Development Policy.


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